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Tokens can represent any physical asset, as determined by the issuer of the token. This is how real-world assets like real estate, dollars, or gold can come to be traded, invested, borrowed, or lent on the blockchain.

Usually, ownership over assets is represented by a piece of paper. This piece of paper is a symbol of ownership of the asset in question.

For example:

  • House or Building: a paper deed
  • Car: a paper title
  • Stock: a paper certificate
  • Bond: a paper treasury note
  • Cash: a paper dollar/euro/peso


Similarly, a ‘token’ is a digital symbol of ownership. On the blockchain, you own a token in the same way you own the deed to a house. The piece of paper isn’t necessarily the valuable thing; it just symbolizing ownership. 

A ‘token’ is the term adopted by the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and crypto-asset world. A ‘token’ is a symbol of ownership over something. What that thing ‘is’, is very flexible. Some tokens represent US Dollars, others tokens represent Gold. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether are themselves tokens.

Tokenization is a solution that divides the ownership of an asset (such as a building) into digital tokens. These tokens act as “shares”, and are similar to non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) are interchangeable digital assets traded over the internet. NFTs are generated and traded in cryptocurrency which is digital cash with an encrypted key often in the form of a random string of numbers.

Tokenization is the process of converting real estate property value into digital tokens. By tokenizing your asset, you can divide the property value into multiple shares and also divide the ownership for each share. Tokenization helps to create a more secure, efficient, transparent globalized real estate business.

Real estate tokenization is disrupting a greater part of the real estate industry and many people have started tokenizing their properties because of the many benefits involved with it, like increased liquidity, fractional ownership, etc. Tokenization removes barriers existing in the traditional real estate business – if you want to be a part of the transformation, tokenization is very important.

Real estate tokenization, along with blockchain technology, helps record each and every transaction that is happening on the platform and completely safeguards the user’s interest. Blockchain also provides immutability, transparency, and many other benefits that help with a risk-free business.

Tokens will be issued through a registered exchange, each Token holder will be provided secure individual access to their account where the token will be available.

Tokens will be traded on the registered exchange and can be sold via market value swap on the platform.  Once your sell order is executed you can convert to fiat for deposit to your registered bank account.

Rental income is generated  by the token being held on the dividend distribution date by the Token holder. The dividend will be received via a transfer on the regulated exchange into the token holders account.

Tokens can be traded with other assets, held for rental income, sold via market value swap on the registered exchange.

Tokens can be traded on the registered exchange once applicable hold periods expire.

Tokens can be swapped on the registered exchange by placing an order on the platform.

Tokens will be made available at different stages.  You are free to purchase as many tokens as you like based on  available supply.

A qualified third party KYC/AML compliance provider will validate your ability to trade on the registered exchange.

Each token holder will be provided real time access to their account to track all activities on the registered exchange.

You are not liable. All assets held within our ecosystem will have the appropriate insurance in place to protect all token holders.

Tokens can be purchased with US Dollars.

RAMI outsources property management to our local partners Bespoke Property Management (“Bespoke”). They are responsible for property management, renting the property, collecting rental income, and maintaining or repairing the property. 

We continuously monitor all aspects of the properties, from rent and rental rates to physical conditions, renovations, code compliance, and even landscaping improvements when strategic.

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