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We see the opportunity for a simple, secure, and efficient solution to real estate investment and ownership. 

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Why Invest with Us?

Real estate is typically seen as an expensive and low liquidity investment, as a result an increasing number of consumers are looking at blockchain solutions for real estate. 

Real estate tokenization is quickly becoming an appealing option for ownership and access to capital.


To Legacy Real Estate Investing

Real estate investment is primarily for the already rich.

Investors devote hundreds of thousands or even millions into the purchase of a single property without any early exit opportunity. 

Buying or selling at an inopportune time can result in massive mistakes that leave your investment permanently underwater. Commissions can be onerous and geographic constraints can limit access and delay closings. 

Novice investors are at the mercy of “industry experts” and are susceptible to making massive mistakes and missing opportunities to maximize their ROI. 


Of Blockchain Technology Tokenization

Tokens are reasonably priced and provide everyone with an opportunity to own real estate. You can begin your real estate investment career with a single token investment.

Diverse real estate portfolio through opportunity of token purchase of multiple properties, that also preserves liquidity.

Blockchain technology creates transactional efficiency and speed. It also provides investors with transparency, security, and removes expensive intermediaries.

Blockchain allows investors to gain immediate ownership in their real estate asset by cutting out all the middlemen.  

How It Works

Tokenized Real Estate Is the Future
Of Investing

A booming real estate market


Barbados is an exciting place to invest and here’s why:

  • Beach facing properties
  • Socially and environmentally aware culture
  • Prime real estate demographic post-COVID
  • Progressive Republic that recently launched Special Listing Facility for Digital Assets (ie. provides token listings and trading)
  • Opening it’s virtual embassy in the Metaverse
  • Stable economic and political systems
  • Strong foreign relation treaties
  • No capital gains tax

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